Spark your email marketing today.

Email Sparks is a PDF resource containing practical and inspirational resources for photographers to spark their email marketing.

There are two major sections to this ebook.

The majority of the book consists of fifteen ready-to-use email messages that will help you market your photography. The subject lines of these messages include things such as:

  • How Much is it Worth to Get It Right?
  • Three Signs Your Photographer Isn’t a Professional
  • A Photo Like a Postcard… Is that Good or Bad?
  • Glass? Metal? Canvas? Naked?
  • Heirloom: Not Just Fancy Tomatoes
  • Metaphorically Tossing Out This Month’s Film
  • …and nine more

BONUS: Along with the fully-written email messages as part of Email Sparks that you can use as photography marketing swipe copy, you’ll also get a list of 101 Email Subject Lines for Photographers covering four areas:

  • The Value of Professional Photography
  • Monthly and other Periodic Updates
  • Keeping Photography on your Clients’ Minds
  • Other Interesting Subjects